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About Us

We are enthusiasts of the motorcycle world and of the lifestyle that surrounds it. In other words, of the discoveries made on each road, of the freedom that goes with the ride, to merge with the alsphalt and connect with nature, with ourselves and with those who ride with us.

The motor group BARCELONA WE RIDE (a local group of these enthusiasts) was born in order to escape the everyday routine, to meet people who share our passion, to discover unexplored sights and extraordinary places in Barcelona and indulge in the winding and twisting curves found in the city´s outskirts.

After kilometers and kilometers of short and long distance hauling, Constance Diaconu, founder of the project, decided that the time had come to share these incredible places, moments and experiences with as many people as possible, whether they live or not in Barcelona and want to experience a motorcycle adventure.

Given that idea, Daniel “Sucko” Vallejo’s unique and notorious moustache curls up! They both share the same objective and then Ride With Us Barcelona was created.

RWU is a company focused on experiences around Barcelona. A modernist city which merges Rock enthusiasts and neo-retro culture. A city bathed in the lights of the mediterranean sea and the shades of the mountains. We would like to share the routes that make us tremble with joy, those infinite curvy roads and panoramic views that take your breath away.

Ride With Us and discover Barcelona and its surroundings in a different way: the motorcycle way. A local biker will be your tour leader for the whole experience, so you only have to worry about having fun, we will look out for your safety and well being.

Just relax and ride. Give it all you got!

You only have to choose the route you want to do and the bike you want to ride, block your date and Ride With Us Barcelona.

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Ride With Us