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You will need to:

  • Previous driving experience
  • Be at least 25 years old
  • Passenger must be at least 18 years old
  • Passport or identity card (for members of the European Community)
  • Credit card (Visa or Mastercard), or cash to pay the deposit
  • Valid driving license of class A or A2 (depending on the rented motorcycle) or International Driving Permit: A for non-members of the European Community

If you book a motorcycle and you do not have a valid and adequate driver’s license, or age; the return of money will not be possible.

For safety reasons, Ride With Us does not give motorcycles to people who do not have enough experience driving two-wheeled vehicles with gears. And, therefore, the return will not be possible; It is the client’s responsibility to comply with the conditions imposed by Ride With Us Barcelona.

  • The rental of the motorcycle
  • Accompaniment with an experienced local monitor
  • Approved helmets and gloves
  • Access to Guide and community Biker Friendly
  • Coffee Break during the briefing before the route
  • Short routes (3-4 hours) refreshment and Snacking
  • Long routes (6-7 hours) refreshment and food menu
  • Anti-theft clip
  • Third-party insurance with roadside assistance
  • Depending on the vehicle, there may be mileage restrictions

Yes, in all the motorcycle models that we have, one or two people can go. You will find our prices for one or two people in the reservations section.

To guaranty safety, all our clients must be at least 18 years old, INLCUDING passengers.

Depending on each rental office and the services adquired. There might be extra charges.

For the return of 100% of the amount of the sale, it will be necessary to notify 10 days before the reservation.

70% of the total sale will be returned if canceled 48 hours in advance.

If the cause is poor weather conditions, the full amount will be refunded. To cancel your route you can contact us in this e-mail: info@ridewithusbcn.com

Ride With Us Barcelona can cancel a route if its due to bad weather conditions.

If it is the case, we will refund the total amount you paid for the reservation or offer you another available day.

Yes, when you sign the papers you will have to leave a deposit with a credit card (Visa or MasterCard) or cash. All the amount of this deposit will be returned to you when returning the motorcycle and the accessories in the same delivery conditions. All the management of the deposit is carried out by the same supplier of the motorcycle.

You can pay by credit or debit card; and if it is an a la carte route, it must be done by bank transfer. For other charges such as: GPS or multimedia pack; You can pay by Credit, Debit or Cash Card.

Keep in mind that Ride With Us Barcelona charges only for the route services and the total amount for the bike rental is to due to be paid at the rental office.

This message means that there is no availability of the requested vehicle in the office and specified dates of your choice. For this reason we will contact you to offer availability of other dates in which the motorcycle would be available or availability of another motorcycle in the same category.

If you have come to Barcelona with your own motorcycle, and wish to purchase and enjoy any of our routes or services, then come with your own vehicle.

Only the price of the route will be charged. In the reservations section you can select the option “ride with your motorcycle”.

At the moment of finalizing your purchase with Ride With Us Barcelona, ​​you will be charged the total amount of the Route services (including guide and all the services provided).

The total amount pending of payment for the bike rental will be issue at the rental office on the day of the pick up.

Yes. Each motorcycle has insurance issued by the rental office. Check on your profile settings for a more detailed insurance information.

Safety is our priority. Our experience local guides will check if you cover all the basic knowledge of riding a bike. That way we can determined you level and prevent any type of catastrofies product of lack of experience.

In the confirmation email you’ll recieve all the information you need to know about the rental office (including working hours, check points, etc).

The client has to return the motorcycle the same way that at pick up time. That means fuel tank full. An extra charge of 20€ could be issued at the rental office if the fuel tank is empty.

If you have to refuel the bike, remember always to use 95 no led.

You can only park the bike in specific motorcycle parking spots, marked with white lines and traffic signs. If you decide to park out of boundries, try follow example on how locals park their motorcycles/scooters.

Be careful if you park around very touristic areas, the bike could be towed.

If the ticket issued come from speed limit radar, the client will be charge the total amount of the fine. In case the ticket was issued by a police officer and you dont reside in Barcelona, there is the possibility that you have to pay in the act as you are a non resident.

You are covered with road assistance. Your local guide will be in charge of handling the situation during the route. You can always contact us or the rental office for any other inquiries.

Since we work with local rental companies, we have to respect their working hours. If the office is closed you will be charge for another full day rental. We recommend you return the bike 30 minutes before closing time. If not get in contact with us or the rental office for further inquiries or changes.

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